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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor..

The views expressed by contributors are their own and not necessarily the views of the editor.

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We would like to congratulate the cartoonist for all his contributions to Wendover News: always topical and very funny.
Carol & John Furphy

Christmas late night opening

As Chairman of the Wendover Chamber of Trade and Commerce I wish to thank all those individuals, businesses and the Wendover Parish Council who were involved in supporting the late night opening and skating rink in December.  The event was run for the people of Wendover and to promote the High Street which, as a valuable asset to the town, is under constant threat from out of town competition and the general economic climate – it seems that never before has the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ been more apt.

The reports and feedback I have received this year were extremely positive from traders and public alike.  It was heartening to see so many people milling around the town late into the evening.

Particular thanks must go to Dolly Saville for agreeing to switch on the lights and for saying a few words; she proved a popular choice. A tremendous amount of time and energy (nervous as well as physical) went into organising the event and I wish to thank the organising sub-committee Philippa Kearney (The Flower Gallery), Sue Barry (Cromptons) and Yvonne Bone (Scruples).

The Wendover Chamber of Trade and Commerce remains active in the town.  The last open meeting was held in The Red Lion where those attending had an extremely enjoyable and interesting presentation from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.  Our next meeting will be held at Rumsey’s on 14 March 2012 starting at 6pm.  Everybody who has an interest in the business of Wendover is always welcome.  Refreshments will be served. Non-members are politely asked for a £5 contribution on the door!

If you are aware of any issues which you believe the Chamber may be able to assist with or if you have ideas for promoting the town to keep it a vibrant place in which to live and work, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address :  
Tony Parks

Thank you

My son and I were involved in an accident on  Wednesday 8 February whilst crossing at the Tring Road traffic lights. We were knocked down by a driver who was not looking at the road.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their evenings and shivered in the cold to ensure our safety. Ellis and I are now recovering after breaking a few bones and are coming to terms with what happened.  I can’t remember who everyone was and exactly what their parts were in helping us as I was in and out of consciousness but I know they were all amazing.
Hannah and Ellis Flint

Traditional Tea Rooms

I was considering opening a traditional Tea Rooms in the ex Barclays Bank premises in Wendover as I feel that its offerings would be good for locals & visitors alike.  However with the outcome of the recent Costa Coffee application & refusal I think that it would stand no chance of gaining planning consent from Wendover Parish Council!

Shops in the High Street

I appreciate the concerns of local residents around the matter of Costa coffee coming to Wendover.  However, one cannot fail to note the extremely high number of shops that are currently empty along the high street.  Retaining an ‘unspoilt’ village centre is very admirable but without a variety of new businesses being attracted to Wendover surely we are in danger of turning our lovely village into a ghost town?  Although considerably larger, Old Amersham is a classic example of how some of the larger retail chains can successfully sit alongside bespoke one-off stores and yet still provide an attractive destination for both locals as well as shoppers from further afield.  Perhaps it is time to revise the rule book, embrace change where it’s relevant and welcome some diversity to the village.
Edward Osborne-Fardon  

Costa Living

We should all proudly celebrate those brave Wendoverans who stood tall and successfully opposed the unwelcome designs of an evil purveyor of caffeinated goods on the vacant Barclays building. I agree with the comments of Alan Myers in the January Wendover News, that with a Costa franchise already lurking in The Shoulder this clearly constituted a dangerous, unprovoked caffeine-based retail 'pincer movement'.

If I do a circuit of the town, as I often do, starting from the majestic ruins of Brook House, so lovingly maintained by its present owner, I can visit various emporia offering me expensive trinkets, antiques and reassuringly pricey flowers, I can pay to have a smile surgically inserted into my face and buy a hat perhaps for my visit to the races or that special Royal Garden Party. On my way back to the clocktower I can indulge in a luxury hamper and book my tickets for the evening showcase of wines from the Amazon basin, before partaking of a naughtily indulgent, handmade chocolate experience not good for waistline or wallet, then after picking up some small but perfectly formed olives, getting myself a demi-wave a la mode and booking a Swedish Head massage I arrivie back at my starting point to buy a nice name label dress for the missis.

The thought of all of the non-profit making concerns mentioned above, staffed by volunteers and doing their best for the whole community for no commercial gain almost brings a tear to my eye. Like many others, I sleep soundly in my bed safe in the knowledge that empty shop units like rotten teeth littering the High Street are a price worth paying for our opposition to the relentless, greedy, blood-sucking, unacceptable face of healthy competition into our sleepy hamlet. (However reasonably priced their large gingerbread latte may be.)

When will the faceless retail corporates understand that we have no need for their tawdry, mid-priced capitalist franchises, with their low paid work opportunities, selling affordable merchandise in our town? I hope their recent bloody nose will teach them that we will always fight the good fight and bring them to their Armani suited knees. If some local people have the audacity to claim that many of the thriving Wendover businesses are of no practical use to them, that they cannot afford to pay the prices or, even more shamefully, prefer to put their money in the pockets of The Man, thenthey should get on their bike/bus/mobility scooter and go to Aylesbury. Or London. Or move away so commuters with big cars and proper spending cash, who recognise quality when they see it, can move here.

Three cheers for real local grassroots people power.

Lord Espresso of Halton
Name and address supplied

Vacancy - Honorary Chairman

Established in 1979, Youth Concern (Aylesbury) is a registered charity based around a drop in centre and coffee bar. We have a number of key partnerships with local agencies working with young people whilst concentrating on offering quality intensive support and interventions for vulnerable young people at risk. Our client group focuses on young people, many of whom are vulnerable and have complex needs. We have excellent on-site facilities that are accessed by our clients including an IT suite and a purpose built Music Studio with high specification equipment and software. The drop in centre is staffed by experienced youth workers and volunteers who address the needs of clients on an individual basis. We also have qualified counsellors working on-site. Referrals to specialist agencies are made as appropriate. The charity is managed by a Chief Executive and is governed by four Trustees and an Executive Committee of ten.

Since relocating to purpose designed premises in 2008 the charity has undergone a major restructuring. After four years in the role the current chairman, Chris Medley, is stepping down and Youth Concern is currently recruiting a new Hon. Chairman and Trustee. We are seeking an inspiring, progressive and committed individual to lead the charity into the next phase. We would like to hear from you if you believe that you have the personal qualities and desire to lead an organisation that can make a difference to the lives of young people. If you are interested in participating in the leadership of Youth Concern, please contact us for further details. The role of Hon. Chairman is part-time (12 hours/month) and unpaid.

If you would like an informal and confidential discussion about the charity or its governance, please contact Fran Borg-Wheeler, CEO, on 01296 431183 or 07730 666608.