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Lift bridge


We would like to express, through the pages of Wendover News, our frustration that no consultation or consideration to the adjacent residents has been provided in regard to the lift works at Wendover station

Our complaints are twofold

1. Consultation over the design- our queries to the relevant bodies are

a. What consultation process was followed in completing the design

b. Have planning been consulted and all procedures observed.

c. What was the criteria for the design (see photos attached )

i. Why have the lift towers been located immediately adjacent to residential properties,

ii. why did this structure not get built next to the existing bridges avoiding requirement to remove trees and reduce ground level

iii. Why have the towers been built so high, was an evaluation of current lift technology undertaken

2. There has been no consideration for the residents other than a letter to tell us there would be some disruption, night works may occur and the works would be finished in March, received from Network Rail after they started the works.

We approached the Site Manager for MPB structures, the company undertaking the works , requesting

The noisy night works continued without the above information being provided or any notification of night works. Following a further visit to the site office I was informed that the details had been passed up to MPB head office to reply, and site manager’s assumption was that this had been dealt with.  Since 21 January we have been kept informed of impending works.

The disturbance during the night works over the last 3 months has been extremely upsetting with floodlights, vehicle noise, generators, excavators etc disrupting whole families’ sleep, culminating in 3 consecutive nights of works over a weekend

We recognise the need for the lifts, having had the problem of getting three children aged under 5 across the existing bridge and also that it will allow everyone to be able to use the railway.

Our complaint is to the bodies responsible for managing the design and consultation process and would request a response to the above queries.  Can we be assured that the same process won’t be followed when that ‘other proposed railway project’ gets going in 5 years time!!
Sean and Helen Meier (and Neighbours), Forest Close

 Youth Centre Grant

The sum of £5250 has been granted to the Youth Centre which will assist with running costs for the coming year.

S106 Grant Funding

The WPC would like to remind Wendover’s clubs & organisations that grant money may be available for innovative schemes in the fields of leisure activity, fitness & sport.  The money, presently in the keeping of AVDC, arises from the S106 provision surrounding the recent development at Princess Mary Gate.  Schemes put forward for consideration should either bring something new to the already wide range of available activities in Wendover or provide an improvement to an existing facility.  Please contact the PC to see if your scheme meets the criteria.
Applications should be sent to the Clerk to WPC at the Clock Tower before the end of March 2012.

Overgrown Hedges

If you have a boundary hedge which is adjacent to a footpath, pavement or road now is a good time to check it out.  Make sure you manage your tidy up before the nesting season.